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1. Solar is renewable and will not run out anytime soon

Fossil fuels are non-renewable, meaning they draw on limited resources that will eventually run out. By contrast, solar energy is constantly replenished and will never run out. As long as the sun shines with each new day, we’ll always have solar energy!

2. Solar is clean, no carbon emissions

Solar energy is clean energy, a resource that has zero carbon emissions. By producing your own clean energy with solar, you are reducing the amount of dirty power used from fossil fuel-based power generation. Solar power has ZERO greenhouse gas emission

3. Solar power is silent

Other than the wonderful sound of your electricity meter running backwards, the generation of solar power through your solar panel system is noiseless. There are no rumbling generators to worry about.

4. Solar power systems are easy

Once your solar panels are installed, your solar power system is virtually maintenance free and can last up to 20 years! You don’t need to worry about a thing – simply switch it on and let the energy flow.

5. Australia is perfect for solar power

Today’s solar panels can convert sunlight into power in almost any climate (even our friends in the UK have solar panels!). But Australia’s climate is especially ideal for solar energy generation thanks to the higher number of sunlight hours we enjoy. And out of all the Australian cities, Perth enjoys more sunlight hours.

6. Going solar increases home resale value

Another benefit from going solar is that the value of your home will increase. While this shouldn’t be the only reason to choose solar panels, it’s definitely a bonus!

7. Solar power is great for remote communities

Solar panels are increasingly being used in remote parts of Australia, where it’s difficult to get electricity power cables. Scientists are continually finding innovative ways to develop technology to capture solar energy for the benefit of remote communities. Did you know that in some parts of the world, camels are employed to carry solar powered fridges? These remarkable fridges carry medicines that need to be kept cool to remote communities. Not so much a Flying Doctor as a Desert Camel Caravan Doctor!

8.Using solar power feels great

Opening your power bill each month to see how much money you’ve saved is a delightful feeling after you’ve installed solar panels

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Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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